Executive Compensation

Executive Compensation

Executive Compensation

Design and Advice on your Executive Compensation Needs and Requirements

HRComp Results has significant expertise in executive compensation advisory services. With 25 years experience in all aspects of executive compensation and working with boards, we can help your company with:

  • Reviewing or defining a compensation strategy and philosophy
    • Have you defined what you are trying to achieve with your compensation programs? Have you established where you want to pay your employees compared to market , for example, at the median or below/above median?
  • Competitive Benchmarking of compensation for senior executives
    • We can help with assessing what the market pays for similar roles, so you can be comfortable with the compensation levels for your executives
  • Assessing the fairness and competitiveness of compensation programs for your executives
    • Do your competitors offer a bonus program or a long-term incentive plan? How do these compare to your programs, or do you need to develop programs that are competitive with your market?
  • Designing a short term incentive/bonus plan that will align with your company’s business strategy and the annual operating goals
    • Does your current bonus plan reward executives for achieving results that will make your company successful?
    • Are the bonus levels competitive with the market?
  • Developing mid- or long-term incentive plans that will support the longer term goals of your company
    • What are the right measures for a plan that would link executives with the longer-term success of your company?
    • What types of plans can be used, and what are the impacts on accounting and tax?
  • Review executive employment agreements or change of control agreements and provisions
    • What types of provisions are common in employment or change of control agreements?
    • What is market practice for these types of agreements?
  • Advising compensation committees or boards
    • Does your board want an independent review of your company’s executive compensation programs or an assessment of a management proposal?
  • Assisting with the development of presentations to boards
  • Advising on or reviewing compensation disclosure (CD&A)
    • Do you need to disclose the compensation of your executives because your company is publicly traded?
    • Do you need help with drafting your compensation disclosure? HRComp Results has many years of experience in disclosure and can assist with your CD&A.

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HRComp Results is a boutique executive compensation advisory company

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