M&A HR Advisory

M&A HR Advisory

M&A HR Advisory

Assessment and integration of HR policies and programs for an acquisition

Is your company looking for growth by acquiring another company? There may be HR issues that might affect a purchase price or that can complicate integration after the deal is closed. Do you need help assessing the HR practices of another company, and to determine if there are any significant issues?

HRComp Results can help in the following areas:

  •  Reviewing employment or change of control agreements for cost or impact to your business:
    • What is the cost of change of control agreements or severance provisions in the executive agreements?
  • Assessing the HR policies to identify if there are potential issues or significant costs to integrating:
    • Are the compensation programs similar or will there be conflicts between your employees and the employees that will be acquired?
    • How do the benefits programs compare?
    • Will there be significant costs to integrate the benefits programs?
    • Are there any differences in HR policies, and will there be a cost or impact to employees to integrate?
  • Identification and assessment of HR synergies
  • Planning for HR integration after closing
    • What is the best way to bring HR programs and policies together?
    • Develop communications for employees to explain the changes, timing and impacts to them.

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