Incentive Design

Incentive Design

Incentive Design

Designing Incentive/Bonus Plans for Employees

Do you want your company’s employees to be motivated to help your company succeed, and to share in that success? Have you considered a bonus plan for your employees that can be based on company profitability or other measures that are important to your company?


HRComp Results has experience designing various types of incentive plans, from commissions for sales employees to profit sharing or annual incentive plans for other employees.

We can help you define a plan that is affordable and will link employee interests with your company success.


We can help with:

  • Profit sharing plans to allow employees to share in your company’s success
    • What is an appropriate sharing ratio with employees?
    • Should you differentiate to employees based on job level or have the same amount for all employees?
  • Commission plans to pay your sales employees for their results
    • Commission rates, accelerators
    • Assessing the effectiveness of your current sales plans
  • Bonus plans that link employees to the success of your company
    • Should the bonus be tied to company performance, employee performance or a combination?
    • Defining individual and company performance metrics and targets
    • Identifying competitive bonus levels and determining company affordability.

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